Doors Closing

In 2007, I had an E-mail update from Compassion UK. There was an article in there about “The Untouchables” in a project in Bangladesh. Inside the project, they were portrayed as giggling children, full of hope. Outside it, they were the poorest of the poor. People would cross to the other side of the road when they walked by. If ever I sponsored another child, I dreamed of sponsoring at the Keshabpur Free Baptist Church (the project featured in the article), and changing the life of one of those children … but that dream was never fulfilled. is kind of like Facebook for Compassion-sponsors. It’s a site where sponsors from around the world can meet to share letter-writing ideas and stories of our children, amongst other things. I met a lady on there whose child was at Keshabpur, and in 2010, I heard sad news from her: The project had closed. Suddenly, sponsors there were faced with losing their children. I suppose some could have been moved to a nearby project, and their relationships continued, but others may have left Compassion for good.

Compassion does all it can to ensure that closures don’t occur. They’re so focused on the sponsor-child relationship that one of their slogans is: “Changing the world – one child at a time”, so they wouldn’t want children or sponsors to suffer unnecessarily. But as well as being Christ-centred, child-focused and church-based, Compassion is committed to financial integrity. And if they’ve warned a project, worked with them, done everything they can – and things are still amiss, the worst has to happen.

I don’t understand why the centre closed. That’s a fact I can’t change, but what I can encourage you to do is pray for the children and families whose lives have been touched by this project.

Is there a closed door in your life you’ve struggled to accept? Perhaps you’re struggling right now. If you’d like to share in the comments, I can be praying with you.


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