Not Theirs; Ours

There must be several questions sponsors often ask. Something I’ve wondered myself is: What happens when your sponsored child receives a gift, and their brother or sister doesn’t? (Currently, we can send birthday gifts to our children, but Compassion doesn’t have the wherewithal to allow us to do the same for their families.) When explaining about Uganda, Peace gave a beautiful answer to this question. She said: “When a child gets something, it’s not their gift; it’s our gift”. I’ve also heard of people handing out bags of rice to a family, coming back a few days later and finding no rice left – because the family didn’t feel able to eat well themselves, without inviting the rest of the community to share their food.

There is a massive difference between children registered with Compassion and those who are not. Perhaps there is sometimes jealousy, but should this stop us? We were challenged last weekend: “Would that stop you buying presents for your children – if there was someone in your child’s class who didn’t get them?”

We can’t do it all, but let’s do what we can.

Your Thoughts?

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