Do I Have to Believe?

I started my earlier post on prayer by saying that as Christians, we know it’s important. As a follower of Jesus myself, I’m writing this Blog from a Christian point-of-view, but I just feel I should say this: A child doesn’t have to be a Christian to benefit from one of Compassion’s projects, and a sponsor doesn’t have to be a Christian to take on a child. With slogans like: “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name”, I think it’s fair to say the majority will be, but it’s not a requirement of sponsorship.

So how is Compassion a Christian organisation? Well, because all the projects are run by local churches, it means that when children attend a Compassion-centre, they are given Christian teaching. This is not extraordinary. You wouldn’t expect to go into a mosque and hear nothing about Islam, so neither should you expect to go into a church and hear nothing about Christianity. Compassion doesn’t force children to convert to Christianity, but in its projects around the world, an average of 440 children per day are asking Jesus into their lives! Similarly, Compassion doesn’t force sponsors to pray for their children, but they encourage this, and I expect many do.

So, do you have to believe in Jesus to sponsor with Compassion? My answer would be no, you don’t have to be a believer yourself, but in order to stand with Compassion, you do have to be sympathetic to the Christian faith.

Does that help?


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