Prayer for Sponsored Children

Prayer. As Christians, we know it’s important, but prayer for our sponsored children can be a challenge. They’re the other side of the world. We don’t know what makes them smile; what breaks their heart; who their friends are, but God wants to make a difference in their lives through us. We can choose to pray for our sponsored children, and for Compassion. There is a Prayer Calendar with daily prayer-requests. This may give you a better understanding of Compassion’s work, but when it comes to praying personally for your sponsored children, that’s between yourself and God. In most cases, it’s something we must discipline ourselves to do. But from my own experience, I also believe that when there’s an urgent need, God directs your prayers.

Once, a few years ago, I had a really strong urge to pray for Jennylyn in the Philippines. I didn’t know why. It lasted a few days, then it subsided.

I had a letter a month or 2 later. There had been a typhoon, and (I was impressed to learn) staff at the Compassion-project helped her family.

If you’re reading this Blog, you’ve probably got a few minutes to spare. Why not stop what you’re doing, and say a prayer for the children in your life?

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