Let’s Talk Money

BBC Radio 4 aired a documentary recently, called “A Child to Sponsor”. The programme stated that child-sponsorship had been rejected by organisations such as Christian Aid, who say communication between sponsor and child makes it too costly to operate. Other organisations take the sponsor’s money and use part of it to develop a child’s community – to build a school, or provide clean water for a village. With Compassion, there are other causes you can give extra money to, like Compassion Water or the Malaria Intervention Fund, but your sponsorship-money does just that – sponsors a child.

It costs £21 a month to sponsor a child through Compassion. It used to be £18. I hadn’t expected the price-increase. The last was in 2002 (before I started sponsoring), so let’s say there are 2 increases every 10 years, just for you to be prepared. Your sponsorship should last about 15 years.

Currently though, it’s £21. At least 80% of that goes directly to your child, so a minimum of £16.80 every month reaches your sponsored child. The rest covers administration. This includes delivering letters, employing translators (Compassion always recruits local people to translate the letters, which then creates employment in your child’s community), taking photographs (we’re sent a new picture every 2 years), and various other expenses. Compassion compiles leaflets, profiles of children waiting for sponsorship, DVDs to show to church-leaders, etc. All this has a cost, but if you’ve read my previous posts about Cindy, you will have seen how letter-writing has built up my relationship with her and her family. I consider the admin cost of less than £5 per month a small price to pay for that privilege.

I would rather sponsor a child with Compassion, and know exactly where that money is going, than sponsor with some other organisation. How about you?

Your Thoughts?

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