So You Class Them as Your Children

I recently had a discussion with an official person about reading letters. Her view was that handwritten letters were less important than bills. She asked the question: “Do you class them as pen-pals – these people you write to?”

Since she asked, I thought I might as well give her the answer. “No, they’re like my children.”

“So you class them as your children.” Her tone wasn’t too contemptuous, but I sensed she didn’t understand.

“Yes. They’re my sponsored children, so they’re like my family.” I wondered how she would feel if her child sent her a letter and she couldn’t read it. She still disagreed about the importance of the letters, but if she had several envelopes through her door – some of them bills, and one with a stamp on and addressed in her son’s handwriting – I reckon she’d open her son’s letter before any of the others.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for my Compassion-family. I’ve seen single and married women in their 30s who’ve got no children, and it really bothers them. But if people ask have I ever wanted children, I say: “I’ve got my children. They’re in the Philippines and Haiti”, and I’m truly happy.

Official people in this world might only care about the practical side of running my life, but the emotional side is important too. Jesus cares about me, and you – our whole person. When I started to get to know Him in 1999, He had a plan for my life. He knew how much I would grow to love my friends’ children; He knew that I too would want the opportunity to be a maternal influence in children’s lives, and He gave me that opportunity through Compassion.

Are you starting to see the plan God has for your life? Would you like to begin to get to know Him? And if (like me) you want to be an influence in children’s lives, have you thought of sponsoring a child?


Your Thoughts?

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