Who to Help

This seems a common snipe at sponsors. I’ve heard it said myself: “Some people help in Kenya or wherever, but they don’t help local charities”. So?
What About the Kids in our own Country?

Emily, who’s a Compassion blogger, shared a great answer to this question while she was in the Philippines.  She’s one of those whose writing I really love, so please read her post.


For my part, I hope I don’t ignore the children on my doorstep. Yes, God has called me to sponsor in other countries, but He also calls me to act nearer home. I’m happy every time I see my friends’ children. There’s a 7-year-old I know, and to have him climb on the sofa next to me and say “I love you” is one of the sweetest things! But the ones who depend on my financial support for school uniforms, the ones who consider me part of their family or ask for my prayers – they just happen to live in the Philippines and Haiti.


Do you feel called to take up the challenge – the challenge of loving someone half a world away? Why not prayerfully look at these children waiting for sponsorship and see what God says?


Your Thoughts?

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