A Pick-me-up

We haven’t had any Compassion-posts for a while, have we? So, if you’re someone who sponsors a child, how’s it going? I’ve had a good few days, sponsor-wise. I wrote to Russel and Cindy in the Philippines. I love to reread their latest letters before I reply, to make sure I answer any questions, and I’ve been surprised to see how appropriate one of Cindy’s prayers was for me this week. She might not have known, at the time she was praying, but it really meant a lot.

But what if you haven’t had such a good week? Maybe it’s been a couple of months since you received a letter; maybe you haven’t sponsored long, you’re still getting to know your child, the letters are still a bit impersonal, and you’re quietly wondering: Did we really do the right thing? Well, there is somewhere you can go for encouragement.

This afternoon, I found this Bible in a Year plan on Moms’ Toolbox. It looked so good, I decided to start straightaway, and one of the readings for today (16 August) was Psalm 112.

I love to read passages like that. It brought to mind a couple of things to pray about, but first to come out of my mouth was: “What I really wanna say Lord is thank You”. God didn’t have to give me an opportunity like the one I’ve got with Compassion, to give to the poor. I could’ve been take-take-taking from society all the time and never giving anything back, but I’m grateful that He does allow me to give something back. Yes – the Bible is where to turn for encouragement, because it’s there you can be reminded of God’s heart for the poor.

And I couldn’t help but notice that last verse: “The desire of the wicked shall perish”. It seemed very appropriate, with the riots we’ve been having here in the UK. Those who desire to loot properties, those who are out for what they can get – their desire will one day be no more, but those of us who respect and delight in the LORD – we’ll be blessed; our children (sponsored or biological) will be mighty; we need not fear; and God will lift us up in honour.

Doesn’t that remind you of Jesus? Who delighted in God more than Jesus? Is there anyone God’s lifted up higher than Jesus? There’s no one! Jesus is First and because He died for us, we can have a share in all those promises, and in the glory that God gave to Him.

How amazing!

Your Thoughts?

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