5-Minute Friday: New

Linking up with Lisa-Jo again for another of her 5-minute Fridays, where we set the clock for 5 minutes and just write, without worrying whether it’s just right. If you have a blog, maybe you want to join in that way, or you could share your 5 minutes here in the comments.

And this week’s prompt? New. This week I needed more than 5 minutes, so:


A washing-machine stuffed full, and the zoosh of a vacuum-cleaner, licking up the dirt. Tops of bookshelves dusted, and shiny photo-frames returned to their places.

Because before that crisp, clean new bedding is brought in, the old has to go. The fresh smell of linen, carried in from the line; towels folded neatly and placed on the bed, at the foot; sweet-smelling flowers picked from a garden … Welcome. You are welcome.

And that same welcome is extended to us, on that Day when the old is thrown away, like dirty linen discarded, pushed behind a closed door, and the new is ushered in – a new Jerusalem; new hearts; no more of the old … and you are welcome.


Since writing this, I’ve read Psalm 105 and been reminded of the joy in God’s heart as He makes us new. When Jesus talked with Peter after breakfast that morning, saying feed my lambs; tend my sheep; feed my sheep; follow Me (John 21), what joy He must have felt – looking into the eyes of one who had once denied Him, seeing his potential, and knowing that all was not lost. Peter was welcomed into God’s kingdom; God was pleased to give it to him.

Your Thoughts?

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