Halfway There

When I was about 13, I spent a weekend in Wales with my friend Alex and her family.  I was looking forward to this because Jeff, her dad, had said he’d take us down to the river.  He’d been promising this for a while, so I went armed with my Wellies, and on Sunday morning we drove the short distance to the river.  The first thing we did was to find a place we could cross.  We started wading through the water, which was getting deeper.  It was almost at the top of my boots.  Because I couldn’t see the way ahead, I had visions of it going over them and me ending up with very wet trousers!  “Jeff,” I said, “can we stop?”  So we stop walking, and this very nervous little English voice says:  “I don’t think I’m going to like this”.


Alex and Jeff, who’d done the crossing before, started laughing.  “You’re ‘alfway there now But!” Jeff shouted.  Sure enough, it got shallower the minute we started walking again and we were soon at the other side.

* * *

There’s a Hillsong song, and the 2nd verse says:
“Into the river I will wade,
“Where my sins are washed away”.  I always think of Jeff when I hear that song, and of the night I became a Christian.


The preacher talked about envy.  “Envy rots the bones,” he said (Proverbs 14:30), and he went on to explain about hell.


I was envious (my sister was having driving lessons at the time), so I thought:  “If that’s true, my bones must have well and truly rotted away” (I don’t think I’m going to like this).


But up in heaven, God the Father must have been thinking:  “You’re halfway there now!” because when we see ourselves for who we really are, we realise our need of a Saviour.


The preacher told us that Jesus could come along, and make those wrong things in our lives disappear.  I knew I needed that, but I said: “Lord, I don’t want to come to You just out of fear”.  That seemed to me a weak thing to do.


I felt Him reply:  “Come because I love you”, and I’ve been a Christian since that night in 1999.

* * *

How about you?  Have you asked Jesus to make the wrong things in your life disappear?  Or, maybe you’re still halfway there.  Maybe when you’ve come into contact with church, all you’ve seen is how bad you are – well that’s not all God sees.  He loves you.  He’s loved you since before you were made, and He’s waiting for your response.  Will you trust Him with your life?

Headers and Page-numbers in Word 2010

I’ve just recently got the new version of Office and been trying to figure it out. The other day, I was having real trouble putting a header and page-numbers in (using just the keyboard, not the mouse). I searched online and couldn’t find info anywhere, so I thought I would write it here, in case anyone else is wondering.

First, go into the insert menu (alt n on your keyboard). There are options for Header and Footer on that menu, but I found those really confusing. There seemed to be a place to write, but it wouldn’t let me centre like the old version used to, and it was telling me there were columns when I hadn’t put any in. Here’s how I got round it:
In insert, go to page-number. Then go to the Top (or Bottom) of Page option. Once in that list, select the type of page-number you want and press enter. I expected this to take me back to the document, but it took me into the Header and Footer section. Here, you can write your header/footer as normal – centring, or whatever you want to do.

Next problem: How to get back to the main text. The only way I could find to do this was to save the document (control s), then close it. When you reopen, you’ll be back in your document.

I hope this is a help to someone. Is there any computing advice you’d like to share in the comments?