Headers and Page-numbers in Word 2010

I’ve just recently got the new version of Office and been trying to figure it out. The other day, I was having real trouble putting a header and page-numbers in (using just the keyboard, not the mouse). I searched online and couldn’t find info anywhere, so I thought I would write it here, in case anyone else is wondering.

First, go into the insert menu (alt n on your keyboard). There are options for Header and Footer on that menu, but I found those really confusing. There seemed to be a place to write, but it wouldn’t let me centre like the old version used to, and it was telling me there were columns when I hadn’t put any in. Here’s how I got round it:
In insert, go to page-number. Then go to the Top (or Bottom) of Page option. Once in that list, select the type of page-number you want and press enter. I expected this to take me back to the document, but it took me into the Header and Footer section. Here, you can write your header/footer as normal – centring, or whatever you want to do.

Next problem: How to get back to the main text. The only way I could find to do this was to save the document (control s), then close it. When you reopen, you’ll be back in your document.

I hope this is a help to someone. Is there any computing advice you’d like to share in the comments?


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