It’s blog-post time again, and we’ve nearly reached the end of the Tanzanian trip.  Day 5 was the bloggers’ final day of visiting Compassion’s projects, so I’m not sure there’ll be any more posts from the team now until they get home, but I’m very grateful to them all for taking the time to share their experiences with the world.


I’ve learnt that The Nester is a great storyteller!  I really think she should write a book!  Her latest post talks about meeting her sponsored child (whose name she couldn’t pronounce), and how he painted Psalm 23 on the outside of his house.  “The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not be in want” – in a country like Tanzania, when they had struggled to eat before Compassion stepped in.


Amy expands on the ‘Sheep’ theme.  I don’t know if they talked to each other before they wrote their posts, but Amy was struck by the distance they had to walk to get to a child’s home, and she focused on Jesus’ words about leaving the ninety-nine and going to find the sheep that was lost.  She likened the lost sheep to a child waiting for a sponsor.


I want to follow Amy’s example, and ask you to look at some children waiting for sponsorship.  Is God calling you to go the distance for one of them – to reach out and make them a part of your life?

Your Thoughts?

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