Hey I Learnt Something

I hadn’t written to Jennylyn for a while, so this afternoon I put that right.  In my letter, I mentioned the hills near where I live, and my mind went to the forthcoming diamond Jubilee celebrations.  I tried to tell Jennylyn that over the weekend, people would go to the top of the highest hill and a beacon would be lit.  All would have been fine, except I realised I didn’t actually know what one was!  Was it like a torch that someone carried up the hill?  Was it something that was at the top all the time, but not always lit?  I had no idea, and it was only through wanting to explain it to a child in the Philippines that I found out.

So thank you, Compassion, for teaching a blind person about the town she’s lived in all these years!

Is there anything you’ve learnt that you thought you should have known already?

1 thought on “Hey I Learnt Something

  1. Sometimes I will describe the flowers and trees in our area to teach a science lesson of sorts. And I’ll draw a blank, thinking, “What is the beautiful pink flower in our yard?” 🙂 Makes me laugh!

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