Friend Friday: When you Need a Miracle

Exciting post for you today.  This is my best attempt at shouting it from the rooftops.


A friend of mine has a very rare disease (one of the symptoms being osteoporosis).  The other day, a Christian she knew invited her to a retreat for the day, which focused on healing.  She’d had a particularly difficult week and wasn’t sure how she’d take it, but she went.  On the way there, she was feeling really sick from the pain of old and new fractures.


A girl prayed for her, and she felt another hand on her head, then on her back.  She went from being in terrible pain to being able to touch her toes, and she said she had great fun at the hospital.  After convincing them to re-X-ray her wrist, they couldn’t work out how a wrist so obviously fractured 2 weeks ago could look like it had never been fractured ever!


You don’t have to get as excited as I did – standing up off your chair and waving your arms in the air, but will you praise God with me, and will you pray the other symptoms also go in Jesus’ name?  Thanks!


Your Thoughts?

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