Knowing You Mean Something

My latest letter came from Graham Russel in the Philippines, and one phrase really stuck out to me.  It was this:  “Knowing you care for me is a great feeling”.  That’s the thing that keeps me sponsoring – knowing it makes a difference in my child’s life.  If you want a long-term commitment, and words from the other side of the world to encourage you to follow it through, I’d definitely recommend child-sponsorship through Compassion.

One other thing:  If you’re a sponsor reading this, please keep writing.  How will a child know you care if you don’t tell them?  I don’t write super-regularly.  There are sponsors I know who write once a month, regardless of whether they’ve heard from their child or not.  I’d say I write every 2-3 months, although if I get a letter full of questions, I’ll usually respond quicker.  It’s not how often you write that’s important, but the fact that you do write.

If you’re a sponsor, you could write to your child today.  If you haven’t chosen to sponsor a child, why not send a card or an E-mail to someone special in your life?


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