A Bit Special

I met someone a bit special today.  Not in person, but through the blogasphere.  I don’t know how many people read my blog, but to some of you this might be old news, because the person I met seems to be very popular!


Her name is Veg.  That’s not her real name, but it’s a good nickname.  She’s from Scotland and wanted to show us her healthy(?) school dinners, so she went into her primary school (yes, you did read that right; she’s 9 years old), with a camera, and took photos.  She was criticised by some commenters for complaining about her food when other children went without, but instead of letting that deter her, she started using the blog to help those children.  I really admire her parents too for sharing the project with her.  It sounds like they have fun and she’s learning a lot.


After about a month or so, the council tried to ban her photography, but with over 2,000,000 readers from all over the world, that wasn’t going to last long!  She’s a great blogger, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the tremendous support she’s getting.  Why not have a read for yourself, and post a comment to encourage her?


Well done Veg!

Your Thoughts?

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