Under the Baked Beans

“When they came to Capernaum, the collectors of the temple tax came to Peter.  They asked him, “Doesn’t your teacher pay the temple tax?”

“Certainly,” he answered.

Peter went into the house.  Before he could speak, Jesus asked him, “What do you think, Simon?  From whom do the kings of the world collect fees or taxes?  Is it from their family members or from other people?”

“From other people,” Peter answered.

Jesus said to him, “Then the family members are exempt. However, so that we don’t create a scandal, go to the sea and throw in a hook.  Take the first fish that you catch.  Open its mouth, and you will find a coin.  Give that coin to them for you and Me” – Matthew 17:24-27 (God’s Word Translation)

* * *

If God’s the same yesterday, today and forever, which He is, don’t you sometimes wish He’d do that now?  Don’t you wish He’d say:  “Go to Lidl, and on the shelf under a tin of baked beans, you’ll find a cheque for £…”.  You’d look a bit odd picking up all the tins of beans, just as Peter probably looked odd opening the fish’s mouth, but who cares?


One of my whacky moments, but it did get me thinking about Peter.  He could have refused to go, but if he wanted to follow Jesus’ call on his life, he had to do what Jesus said.  Is there something God’s asking you to do today?  It might be a little thing, like:  “Don’t snap at that person when they’re texting and you don’t think they’re really listening to you”, or maybe it’s a bigger thing … but to follow, we have to keep our eyes on the One in front, don’t we?

2 thoughts on “Under the Baked Beans

  1. “If God’s the same yesterday, today and forever, which He is, don’t you sometimes wish He’d do that now?” – Um for me that’s a great big YES!!!!

    Sometimes, He does just that: gives us instruction on where to go and what to do, so that a blessing can be released into our lives. For me, it’d be that time that I lost the hearing in one of my ears. And after daring to approach the altar of grace and healing, He gave me precise instructions on what to do. Having done what I needed too, my hearing was immediately restored!

    Sometimes, our obedience can release some of the greatest blessings ever received. What a great reminder Sarah, thanks for sharing this story.

    • That’s fantastic Selena! I can think of times in my life too where obedience has brought blessing. I think the crunch comes when as far as you know you’re being obedient, but God’s not giving any specific instructions. I guess then you have to keep going, loving God for who He is rather than what He gives, and trusting your reward will come eventually.

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