Finding Answers 2

After her first question, the girl went on to say of God:  “If we can’t see Him, how did the person who wrote the Bible find out all these things about Him?”


Well, lots of people wrote the 66 books of the Bible.  Moses – the Moses I heard about at primary school, who spoke to God on the mountain by the burning bush, who stretched out a hand and the Red Sea parted for him and the Israelites to go across – he wrote the first 5 books.  There are lots by Paul as well – the man who spoke out against Christians until he went on a journey, there was a flashing light from heaven, and he fell to the ground and heard Jesus speaking to him.  He changed that day, and started telling people very clearly that Jesus was the One God had promised to send.


So how did these writers find out about God?  There’s a verse in the Bible, written by Paul, that says:  “All Scripture is God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16), so all of the Bible is God-breathed.  God’s Spirit breathed His words into them as they wrote.


The best way I can explain it is to tell you about when I wrote my first song.  I’ve said in this blog before that I could never write original songs before I was a Christian, but with my first one, I was just in the shower; I was singing, and I realised I didn’t recognise what I was singing.  The words and the tune were just there inside me.  I didn’t have to think; I didn’t have to try hard; they just came – God’s Spirit breathing into my spirit.  Does that make sense?


Your Thoughts?

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