Finding Answers 4

There’s another important question that wasn’t on her list.  “Why do we need Jesus?”


Well, we need Him because by ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to approach God.  God is holy.  When I think of holiness, I think of the purest, cleanest state ever.  God can’t look at anything impure or unclean.  The problem is that by ourselves, our hearts are not clean.  Who’s never told a lie?  Which of us hasn’t had a cruel thought about somebody, even if we haven’t said it out-loud?  Our sin is dirty.  Some people think of murder as a big sin and lying as the ‘Littler sin’, but if God can’t look at anything unclean, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a little speck of dirt or a huge wheelbarrow full.  All our sin, however small it might seem to us, is a barrier between us and God.


That’s why we need Jesus – because Jesus came to earth to take the punishment for our sins.  The very reason He was born was to go to the cross and die, for you and for me.  That means that when we pray to God believing in Jesus, God can look at us and listen to us.  Because Jesus died in our place, that barrier between us and God has been taken away.


So let me finish with some questions for you.  Will you come to God believing in Jesus?  Will you tell Him you’re sorry for all those wrong thoughts and wrong actions?  Will you accept His death in your place, so He can remove the barrier between you and God, and God can listen to you?  I hope so.


“Create in me a clean heart, o God, and renew a right spirit within me” – Psalm 51:10.  Why don’t you make that your prayer – that God would create in you a clean heart?


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