A Mum and a Spokeswoman

Compassion Bloggers have their new site up and running.  It’s for bloggers like me who write sometimes about Compassion, and for others who’ve had the amazing privilege of travelling to countries where Compassion works and blogging about their experiences.  If you decide to sign up, every so often, Compassion Bloggers will E-mail you with ideas for posts.  Their latest was:  “Why do you blog for Compassion?”

Well, firstly I want to see more children sponsored, but hopefully I don’t write in a give-us-your-money sort of way.  I just want to show you the need that’s there, and suggest how you can respond to it – not just the need for financial sponsorship, but I’ve also written about letter-writing because I believe children have a need too for love and for someone in their life who cares.  If you can’t afford to sponsor financially, you could still do the writing part; just ask Compassion about becoming a correspondent.  (Compassion UK don’t offer this option, but you could do it through Compassion International.)

And the other reason?  Because Compassion has made me a mum.  I have a friend I went to school with, whose Facebook page has loads of updates about her baby daughter.  I love reading them, and I’m so grateful that through this blog and Facebook, I can share about my children too.  I may not be a mum in the natural, but because of Compassion, I can be a spiritual mother and share my heart with the children I sponsor.  I was only telling someone yesterday:  “I don’t think I’d be very good at cleaning up sick, but I’m good at writing.”  🙂

So thanks to Compassion for the work they do.  I think there’s something in all of us that wants to pass what we’ve learnt on to the next generation.  How do you do that; are there children in your house?  In your street?  Your friends’ children?  Or have you thought about sponsoring a child?

“One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts” – Psalm 145:4.


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