As One Being Pursued

Every morning, Monday to Friday, when I turn on my computer and go to my E-mails, usually the first one I look at is a devotional E-mail called Girl-friends In God.  You can sign up for it here.  The week is shared between 3 writers – Mary Southerland, Gwen Smith and Sharon Jaynes.  I personally love Sharon’s writing.  I want to read one of her books one day, because I’ve a feeling she has more to say than can be packed into a 5-minute E-mail.


Today Sharon wrote about when she met her husband and how, even though she was smitten from the start, she didn’t necessarily want him to know that because she wanted to be romanced by him.  She went on to talk about God’s love, pointing us to the book of Song of Solomon and asking (if our Bibles had headings) that we read the ‘Lover’ parts as God pursuing us.  I went to my Bible and started to do this, and some of the things God said about me – it seemed strange writing them about myself.  Almost too wonderful!  But here they are.  You can see what you think.

* * *

1:9-11:  I am like a horse, once running wild and without restraint but now with the Lord’s yoke steering me in the right direction.

1:15:  I am beautiful, with spiritual eyes.

1:17:  Jesus has His home in my heart.


2:2:  I’m like a precious flower on thorny ground.

2:14-15:  My spirit is hidden in God.  Jesus wants to see me and hear me speak.  Jesus wants to harness anything that would ruin my good relationship with Him.


4:  I am flawless.  Jesus wants me to come away from those who would tear me to pieces and who stubbornly refuse to change.  I have stolen Jesus’ heart; He calls me His sister and His bride.  He prefers my love to wine and my perfume to any man-made one.  He thinks what I say is sweet and I smell fresh and clean – a garden locked up, then a garden fountain of flowing water.


5:  He has found me!


6:4-9:  I’m beautiful, lovely, majestic.  Jesus is overwhelmed when I look at Him.  I’m perfect; unique; favoured; blessed.

6:11-12:  Jesus’ desire is for us.


7:1-9:  I am royal.  I stand as a victory God has won.

* * *

Have you taken books or chapters of the Bible and made them personal to you?


Your Thoughts?

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