Are you reading The Unquenchable Worshipper with me?  I may not blog about every chapter, but there is something important in chapter 2.


Matt talks about a time when he had tendonitis and was unable to play guitar for 7 weeks, despite the busy schedule he had planned.  In all his unanswered questions, he learnt a valuable lesson.  Servants come and go; God could have used any worship-leader for the events on his calendar, but as a son, he was indispensable.  There would never be another Matt Redman.


Are you reading this and thinking the same applies to you?  Because if you believe in Jesus, God’s given you the right to become His child.  That means whatever you may be doing for Him, or will do in the future, you’re first of all a son.  God looks at you, and you’re indispensable.  No one can be your replacement.  Someone else may step into your role, but they’ll never be you, and God loves all His children.

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