Have you had any post this week?  I haven’t.  Not one thing.  The only bad thing about no post is, no letters from my lovely Compassion-children!  So what can you do when you get no letters, apart from pray for them?  Well, you could pray for other children too.  Pray that they’ll find sponsors; pray that in their difficult circumstances, they’ll still hold onto the fact that God’s interested in every one of them – wanting them to know Him and follow Him wholeheartedly.


Just today, I was looking at the list of children waiting for sponsorship, to see if there was one I felt particularly drawn to.  I found Alexis.  Alexis is my middle name, so that got my attention straightaway.  This Alexis though is a little boy, he’s 4 years old and he likes playing with cars.  As a child, I had a whole box of toy cars I shared with my sister.  I wonder whether he has any in his home, or whether he only has the luxury of playing with them at the Compassion-project?


Alexis has been waiting over 200 days for a sponsor, and there are others like him.  Will you pray with me that he and others find a sponsor soon?  Would you perhaps go to Compassion’s page yourself and consider sponsoring a child?  Their letters are precious, and the little people who write them even more so.


2 thoughts on “Alexis

  1. That is a beautiful sentiment–and one I share. I can’t truly afford to sponsor any more kids at this time, but I can pray for them all to get sponsors! I hope you get many sponsors through your blog!

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