What a Lovely Man

I’ve been reading this week about the Roman officer in Matthew 8:5-13, and I saw something I’d never noticed before.  Verse 8:  “Lord, I do not deserve to have You come under my roof.”  The officer called Jesus Lord – a huge thing for him to do!  There were certainly some Roman emperors (like Dometian) who wanted to be thought of as a god, but here was this man, calling Jesus his Lord, putting Jesus in authority over him instead of his boss – the emperor.


And who did he do it for?  Was it his son, lying at home paralysed and suffering terribly?  You could understand a father being so desperate for his son’s healing that he would rethink his whole belief-system, … but no.  It was this man’s servant – someone with no standing in the household, but obviously very well-loved by the officer.  I read it and I thought:  “What a lovely man!”


If you’re an employer, would you do that for one of your employees?  Would you literally think twice about those in authority over you, in order to help them?  Aren’t these events in the Bible still so amazing?

Your Thoughts?

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