Prayers and Sweets

I just wanted to tell you about this lovely idea someone had for church today.  They gave out different-coloured sweets, and each colour represented something:  Orange was family; yellow was friends; silver was food etc.  We weren’t allowed to eat our sweet until we’d thanked God out-loud for that particular thing.  It’s a great way of prompting praise.  It could become very stilted if you let it, or you could just use it as a starting-point.


How about saying thank You and then, as you eat your orange sweet, praying for members of your family – the ones who don’t yet know that God loves them and don’t tell their problems to Him?  As you chew on your yellow sweet, why not list the things you love about your friends (I love that I have friends of different ages and different races), or bring a friend to God who’s going through an especially rough time?  And as you savour your silver sweet, think about the food you have.  We celebrated harvest this morning, so there were tins and packets of food decorating the church, as well as plenty of lunch afterwards.  Someone said at the end we must’ve had about 30 baked potatoes left-over – we had more than enough!  Surely that’s something to thank God for, and how about asking Him if there’s a way you could provide for someone who doesn’t have enough?


What do you think of this idea?  Could you try it at home?  What would you have the colours represent?


Your Thoughts?

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