“Unglued” Update

“Faith Without Borders” people, have you noticed we’re a teeny bit behind schedule?  We haven’t abandoned ship; Jess’s chapter 4 post is up now if you want to take a look, but I just thought I’d write and say would you keep us in your prayers?  I don’t know how Jess finds the time to do all that she does.  We really want to be there for you all and study this book together, so would you pray there’ll be time in the busyness for that, and also for our rest and our journeys with God?  We need Him to refresh us before we can refresh others.


Thank you for your prayers and please stick with us.  The group’s open till 2 December, so plenty of time to get through the book.


2 thoughts on ““Unglued” Update

  1. Thank you for posting an update. And for your prayers! And for the encouragement! And for all the other things you are…. an inspiration with a generously loving heart. 🙂

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