5-Minute Friday: Roots

I read Ezekiel 17 this morning, then I noticed Lisa-Jo’s 5-minute Friday theme for this week was ‘Roots’, so I’m joining in.  Why don’t you go to her post and take a look at some of the other entries linked up there, or have a go for yourself.  It’s fun:  Write for 5 minutes; no editing or overthinking, and then link your post up with Lisa-Jo.  There’s just one rule:  That you visit the person’s blog who linked before you and encourage them in the comments!


Ok then, here’s my 5 minutes:


Somewhere in the sky, there must be two eagles.  A reminder of what God said:  That one took the top of a tree in its beak and dropped it into fertile soil by the water.  The tree grew because its roots were by the water, but when the other eagle came, its roots went towards him, and it withered.  It withered even in the garden where it was thriving.


God also took a tender shoot; planted Him in the land of Israel.  His roots always went to the Father, as He prayed so fervently and regularly.  He was tempted by the other eagle, but His roots never turned; never went towards Satan or the world, … and He never withered.


So put your roots down deep into God; don’t turn to the right or to the left, and you’ll always be fresh and green … and growing.


4 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday: Roots

  1. Thanks for sharing your post with me, Sarah! What a neat perspective- and I love how God used your reading of Ezekial to inspire you to write this. Keep going deep!

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