“Unglued” Chapter 7: A Power Beyond our Own

In chapter 7, Lysa gives us the 5 Rs – what she calls her ‘Biblical Procedures Manual’, which she uses to handle difficult situations.  She’s based it on a part of King Jehoshaphat’s life.  In 2 Chronicles 20, several nations come together to attack God’s people, and Jehoshaphat decides to ask for His help.  Jehoshaphat knew that he and the people of Judah were outnumbered and didn’t have the strength to face such a large crowd (verse 12), so he looked to God for a plan!  Of course God had one.  He basically said:  “The battle’s not yours; it’s Mine.  You won’t have to fight this battle.  The LORD will be with you”.  The thought of their God with them was enough to start an impromptu time of praise, and the next day, they approached their enemies.


Jehoshaphat encouraged them to believe God, and sent singers in front of the troops, praising the LORD.  As they praised, God set ambushes for their enemies!  Can you picture it?  People from all these different countries, trying unsuccessfully to fight with heavenly beings sent to ambush them.  Wow!  And then they start fighting each other.  The people of Judah didn’t need to use their weapons:  God had won the victory, with a power beyond their own.


And that’s what Lysa refers to in my favourite part of the chapter, when she tells the story of a woman at one of her conferences, who’s suddenly confronted with the news that her young grandchildren have died in a fire.  The woman was sobbing so hard, she could barely breathe; but as someone prayed for her, Lysa noticed that each time she said the name of Jesus, the woman’s crying slowed and her body relaxed a little.  So when it was Lysa’s turn to pray, she repeated His name, over and over … until the woman was calm.  The name of Jesus brought peace – a power beyond her own.  I found it encouraging to be reminded that our human souls are trained to recognise and come under the authority of Jesus.


If I had my own Biblical procedures manual, it might look something like this:

1.  Adore God in my difficulty.  As Lysa says, we can’t authentically praise Him for what’s wrong, but we can shift our focus to what’s right and praise Him for that.

2.  Admit (like Jehoshaphat) that I don’t have the strength.

3.  Allow room for Jesus – the power beyond my own.


What would your Biblical procedures manual look like?  Have you ever experienced a power beyond your own?

* * *

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