Glad to be Different

I went to the gym today.  If you’ve got an iPod, you can plug it into their machines and listen to your own music while you exercise; otherwise, you’re stuck with the stuff they play.  Sometimes I manage to block the music out, but today as I sat on the bike, a song came on the radio – one I remember listening to in the taxi on my way to primary school, so a song I’ve grown up with.  These were some of the lyrics:

“The bachelors phone up their friends for a drink

“While the married ones turn on a chat-show;

“And we’ll all be lonely tonight, and lonely tomorrow.

“And nothing ever happens” …  How depressing!  The only reason I’ve quoted it is that it made me so glad to be different!  Why does it seem ok to let our children grow up listening to hopelessness?  I can think of other songs I used to listen to that were either sad, or had lots of questions and no answers.  Where are the songs about living life to the full – about growing and hoping, because good things do happen after all?  As Christians, we’ve got a Friend who’s closer than a brother; we don’t have to be lonely for the rest of our lives.  Please, let’s think what messages are going into us and our children.


If ever you make a comment about how the church should be distinctly different, you might be laughed at.  The world thinks the church should get with-it or she’ll shrivel up and die, but they don’t see Jesus – the one who said “I will build My church”, and they don’t see the benefits of being one of His.  If they walked around every day, knowing God was at their side and believing He had good plans for their lives, they might find themselves choosing differently.  Perhaps they’d even see that when they thought they had their finger on the pulse, they were actually shrivelling up and dying.

2 thoughts on “Glad to be Different

  1. I love the comment a friend of mine (a minister) once made: that we Christians should be rebels.

    The church, the body of Christ, is called to glorify God, not humanity. There is no requirement for us to “get with the times”. Quite the contrary. So I agree that we should “stand firm” in the truth rather than being “tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes” (Eph 4:14).

    A church’s “point of difference” from the world needs to be the gospel!

    When the gospel bears fruit, that is, when it is being “lived out” by parishioners, then and only then will we will see grace and mercy and love. But it will be in abundance!

    Take care and God bless, ybiC, Kim+

    • Thanks for backing me up here. I think it is good to make ourselves understood by people outside the church (I don’t particularly like songs with thees and thous and big words like ‘Redemption’ in them), but I don’t think we should compromise what we believe in just so outsiders can praise us.

      You take care too. I really appreciate you commenting.

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