The Rose

I went out to an Indian restaurant last night with a friend, and after our meal, we were both given a rose.  As we walked home, she told me:  “The waiter seemed to be wary of you.  He gave me mine, but he just put yours on the table in front of you” (she seemed to think my blindness had made him nervous), so I felt a bit of a freak for a while.


As I spent time with the Lord this morning, I asked Him:  “When I get to heaven, will You give me a rose?”


Straightaway, into my mind came Psalm 2:8, where God tells us to ask, and He’ll give us the nations.  Then I thought of Noah, and how God gave him everything (Genesis 9:3), and then it hit me.  When we get to heaven, the Bible says we’ll reign with Jesus.  Have we forgotten the awesomeness of that?  He won’t just give us one teensy little flower; He’ll give us authority over the whole earth!  Wow!


We’re not meant to feel like we don’t belong.  If we’re Christians, we may be strangers here in the world for a time, and odd in their eyes, but we fit perfectly into God’s kingdom.  Will you make a choice with me today to live like one who’s accepted?

One thought on “The Rose

  1. I think that regardless of your religion, nationality, race or gender we should all be loved and accepted for who we are. We’re all just humans, inhabiting this Earth, for the time we’re given. Why make it harder on ourselves or others? Love everyone, even if they don’t deserve it!

    I’m sure he didn’t give you the rose because he felt awkward and didn’t know what to do. People make mistakes but we can’t let them define us and I’m happy you haven’t.

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