Giving Is … Taking Risks

Part of a series for Compassion Bloggers.  They’ve asked us to think this month about the tastes, colours, and associations we have with giving.


‘Tastes?’  And into my mind came the story of when King David was hiding in the cave of Adullam.


“One time the Three Warriors went to meet David among the rocks at Adullam Cave.  The Philistine army had set up camp in Rephaim Valley and had taken over Bethlehem.  David was in a fortress, and he said, ‘I’m very thirsty.  I wish I had a drink of water from the well by the gate to Bethlehem.’


“The Three Warriors sneaked through the Philistine camp and got some water from the well near Bethlehem’s gate.  They took it back to David, but he refused to drink it.  Instead, he poured out the water as a sacrifice to the Lord and said, ‘Drinking this water would be like drinking the blood of these men who risked their lives to get it for me’” – 1 Chronicles 11:15-19 (Contemporary English Version).


Sitting at home thousands of years later, I can see David’s motivation:  He felt that water was so precious, drawn at the risk of men’s lives, there was only One worthy to receive such a treasure, but imagine being one of the three who’d brought it!  I wonder if they were God-fearing men who understood his act of devotion, or whether any of them felt cheated – that they’d risked their life, only to see the king pouring away their efforts.


Giving is taking risks.  For these loyal subjects, giving to their king meant putting themselves in danger.  For David, giving to God meant risking their disapproval, and don’t forget they were warriors.  If you’re hiding in a cave and three of the mightiest men who were on your side suddenly turn against you, you’re in trouble!


What risks have you taken for God lately?


Your Thoughts?

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