Christmas Album

Well, it’s the time of year again for going on Amazon and listening to Christmas music.  I have a folder on my computer called “Christmas”, but it doesn’t have many songs in at the moment because I listen to the samples, but very rarely buy them!  I thought I’d give you some ideas though, in case you’re looking for something to listen to this Christmas.


1.  I love Third Day and their “Christmas Offerings” album sounds great, but if I had to choose one, I think it’d be “Away in a Manger” (because the American tune is so much better than ours!)

2.  “In the Bleak Mid-Winter” is my favourite Christmas carol (because of the last verse).  I remember singing John Rutter’s arrangement at school and thinking it was beautiful.  It’s just a shame choirs seem to sing so posh, you can’t always hear what the words are!


3.  Did you know Annie Lennox and Casting Crowns had done Christmas albums?

4.  It surprises me too that Christmas songs have been around so many years, and yet you can still find something new.  I’ve recently discovered a singer called Francesca Battistelli and her song “Christmas Is” – so cheerful and a good message at the end

Favourite Songwriters

5.  “Shepherds’ Song” (Don Francisco)

6.  “Starkindler” (Michael Card), about the wise men following the star to the One who made the stars in the first place

7.  “Now That I’ve Held Him in my Arms” (Michael Card), a song about Simeon; you don’t hear many songs about him, and it’s become a tradition in my house to play this every Boxing Day

Happy Songs

8.  I’ve noticed that a lot of Christian Christmas songs are quite slow, even though it’s such good news that Jesus was born for us.  “This World” by Twila Paris is an exception – one to click your fingers to, if you can click your fingers that is

9.  Confession:  This is the only time of year I’ll listen to a bit of Mariah Carey.  Hers is the most joyful version of “Joy to the World” I’ve heard!  It’s a bit cheesy, but I liked it when I was a teenager, and I kind of still do


10. “Peace, Peace/Silent Night” (Monterey Peninsula Choral Society).  I love this – how the 2 sets of lyrics are blended together, and it makes me think of my friends Neil and Kate because they taught it to us

11. My friend Colin wrote a song called “Love Came Down”.  Maybe it’s not supposed to be Christmassy, but it talks about how His glory shone around, so it always makes me think of the shepherds and the angel

12. Last but not least, my friend Kelly wrote a beautiful song called “Immanuel”.  Sadly for you, it’s not one of the ones she’s put on YouTube, so you won’t be able to hear it unless you contact her and ask for an album called “What’s in Your Hand”

And now over to you.  What songs would you put on a Christmas album?


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