Friend Friday: A New Luxury

If you were to ask people what they were thankful for, you might get several answers at this time of year – warmth; a roof over our heads; food; clothes, but last night as I went to bed, I had a different answer:  Silence … absolute silence.  How often I must have taken that for granted!


I visited my friend yesterday and they were just moving her from one hospital-ward to another.  They’ve put her in a bed next to a lady with Alzheimer’s who’s half-shouting, half-singing.  “My my my my my my my …  Oh …  Will you leave me alone.  Get off!  Get off!” and she’s so loud, it’s difficult to have a conversation at times.  If this was me, I don’t think I’d cope stuck in a ward for days on end next to someone making all that noise, specially if my body was racked by seizures and after one of those I felt zonked-out and really in need of sleep.  If I was a millionaire, private health insurance would be one of the first things I’d invest in – for myself and those I love.  I want my friend to have her own room with an en suite bathroom, not to have someone in that state in the bed next to her.


Another of my friends suggested weeks ago that I pray for time to get together with my friend and talk, and visiting her in hospital has meant more time to sit and talk to her than I’ve had for years.  I’m very grateful for that unexpected answer to prayer.  My biggest prayer-requests at the moment are that she’ll get out of hospital soon, and that I won’t get a cold or anything while she’s in because I won’t be able to keep visiting her if I’m ill.  Will you pray with me?

Your Thoughts?

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