Giving Is … Using What You’ve Got

What does it look like to give Biblically in today’s culture?  We looked yesterday at Biblical giving, so let’s think about the second part.


How are you when it comes to modern technology?  Mainly I’m thankful for the people God’s placed in my life – the family; the friendships, but if you were to ask me what thing I treasured most and would struggle to do without, I’d definitely say my computer.  For me, modern technology has made it so much easier to give.  I haven’t forgotten someone sent me a card to welcome me when I first started at church.  Before the Internet, if I’d wanted to do that kind of thing, I would’ve had to ask someone to write the card; write the envelope …  Now I can just send an E-mail.  If I want to buy a Christmas present, I can go on a website and look at different things myself; I don’t have to rely on walking round a shop with someone and them spotting the exact thing I’m looking for.  Sometimes I don’t know myself what I’m looking for until I find it!


Maybe you preferred giving before all this modern technology came in.  Does it take away the personal touch?  I’ve read several posts about how handwritten letters and kids’ drawings are more special to people than E-mails, but I’ll tell you I know more about my extended family and how to pray for them since being on Facebook.


I think giving through our computers can be as personal as we want it to be, and here’s a challenge for you:  I’ve challenged myself with this one too.  You know all those verses in the Bible about how important our words are – “Do everything without complaining or arguing”, “If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other”, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”?  You have an ‘Online tongue’ as well.  When you comment on Facebook or E-mail another person, you’re communicating to them what’s in your heart, and God can read those comments.  I’ve got a friend in South Africa.  As she lives 12 hours away and we’ve only met online, she doesn’t know anybody here, and it can be so easy to talk negatively about someone.  Doesn’t have to be much; just a couple of sentences, and I’ve felt really bad afterwards.  I wrote to her once that I thought I had opened my E-mail mouth more than I should.


Giving is using what you’ve got.  If you’ve got money, how about using it for the good of others, maybe through donating to Compassion or another organisation you feel drawn to?  And if you have a computer, why not use your online voice for God’s glory?


Your Thoughts?

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