Giving Is … T I M E

Do you remember my post at the end of 2011?  I wrote about 4 of my favourite days, and most involved spending time with friends.  Friends are so important, aren’t they?  Maybe they’re thoughtful and encouraging; maybe they have a sense of humour and make you happy; maybe some inspire you to be courageous like never before.


I delivered a Christmas card once, to friends round the corner from where I lived.  I sat on the sofa; chatted to them, then I said:  “I’d better go.”


My friend said:  “Come in the kitchen and talk to me while I get tea.”


As she finished preparing tea, more visitors arrived.  When they left, I stood up to leave too.  Her husband said:  “Sarah, you’re stood up.  You can stay and have something to eat if you want.”  A card-delivery that could have taken 5 minutes took 6 hours!


Giving is time, and their unhurried hospitality really blessed me that Saturday 2 days before Christmas, but do you know Jesus is blessed in the same way when we spend time with Him?  Why else would He think Mary’s sitting at His feet was better than Martha’s slaving away in the kitchen (Luke 10:38-42)?  He was on His way to Jerusalem, where eventually all His friends would desert Him, and here was someone taking the time to sit at His feet.  He loved it, and He loves us.  Like our friends, Jesus has encouragement for us, and if there’s anyone who can really inspire courage in you, it’s Him.  Will you take a few minutes out of your days, particularly in this busy season, to spend time with the Friend whose birth we’re remembering?


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