2012 – Year of New Beginnings

2012 has been a year of new things.  The first of them happened in March, when I started at a new church.  I’m so happy to be there, and I started singing as part of the worship-team in September.  I try to learn the songs beforehand, unless they pick new ones I haven’t managed to find.  🙂  On those days, I feel like others in the congregation would be more capable of standing at the mic than I am!  But it’s such fun and such a privilege to do it.

It was thanks to Sherry at church that I got involved with Open the Book – a national initiative, where teams of people go into primary school-assemblies and tell Bible-stories to the kids.  I did my first few assemblies last term and again, it really is great fun.  When you tell a story, hear the kids laugh and know you’re getting through to them, it’s an amazing feeling.

There’s a radio-programme that comes on UCB about lunchtime, and they’d sometimes play snippets from its presenter throughout the day.  I liked how he talked about life and brought God into the everyday, so I subscribed to his updates on Facebook.  In about July, he posted that a volunteer was having health-problems, and the organisation needed help typing these radio-programmes to go on their website.  I didn’t know what software they used or whether it would work with my speech programme, but I knew audiotyping was something I could do.  I wanted so much to help!  So I offered, and he said yes.  They send me an E-mail telling me what to type; I find the programmes on the Internet, copy them onto my computer, and off I go.  I really enjoy it.  As they’re in Australia and I’m in the UK, I thought all contact would be by E-mail.  I didn’t count on Joy, the lady who E-mails me, coming to the UK for her son’s wedding.  She visited me in September, bringing with her 3 of her friends.  I played a CD of one of my songs for them; Joy played the keyboard; we sang …  It was lovely, and something I never would have expected.

Another opportunity came through one of my favourite websites:  (In)Courage.  They were asking women to lead online groups of about 20, as a resource to help group-members in their walks with God.  I was accepted as an (In)Courager, and on 2 October, the Faith Without Borders group launched.  Over a couple of months, we studied “Unglued” by Lysa TerKeurst.  I enjoyed meeting Jess (my co-leader), our members, and others who led their online groups.  I hope to keep in-touch with some.  The only drawback to the (In)Courage group was that it was exclusively for women.  I’m thinking of setting up my own book-study group in 2013, which could be open to both men and women.  Watch this space!

And now, the best new opportunity of all:  Second to writing to my Compassion-kids, this is the job I take most pleasure in.  From August 2012, I’ve been secretary of my local Trussell Trust food bank.  I went to a meeting before the committee was formed, where children’s centres gave a presentation and I was surprised at the genuine need there was here.  We should be open for business in January, and when we had our last meeting of 2012, things really seemed to be coming together.  I’m very excited about it.

So that’s my news from 2012.  Thanks if you’ve sent me yours; I’ve loved reading it.  Are you looking forward to anything in 2013?

Your Thoughts?

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