Broken to be Filled

We had an interesting illustration today.  2 jugs – 1 representing Adam, the other symbolising Jesus; and grapes, which represented us.


Someone put the grapes into the first jug to show that Adam’s sin/wrongdoing meant that when we were born, we were born into sin – born with that same corrupt nature.  Then Jesus came along and, yes, the grapes were poured out of jug 1 into jug 2.  When we become Christians, we’re born again and we’re in Jesus, but the pastor went on to say that not only are we in Jesus, the miracle is that He’s in us too.


Well, that got me thinking.  How could that happen?  What would need to happen to one of those grapes for a piece of that jug to get inside it?  It would need to split in half.  It couldn’t remain a whole grape.  That’s a bit like us isn’t it?  We need to die to our selfishness and the bad stuff inside us before Jesus can shine through.


And, by the way, a whole jug couldn’t fit inside that one tiny grape.  Could it?  Wouldn’t the jug need to be broken too?  Yes, Jesus needed to die before God the Father could send His Spirit to live in us and transform us.


So that’s one thing I came away from church with this morning:  Broken to be filled.

Your Thoughts?

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