“Depression seems to overwhelm with a vicious suddenness when it is actually the result of a malignant and constant process” – Mary Southerland


Overwhelmed with a vicious suddenness – that phrase seems to describe it so well.  As someone who’s struggled with depression herself, Mary’s qualified to write about it I think.  In her post today, which is worth a read, she listed some of the factors behind depression.  One was a lack of replenishing relationships, another the pain of your past.  Do you see yourself struggling with either of those?  Can I tell you some good news?


If you don’t feel replenished by the people in your life, God is there and able to replenish you.  Maybe you’ll find in the Bible (as I have) truths to replace the lies others have believed about you, or you’ve believed about yourself.


And God’s there for you to give the pain of your past to Him too.  We had a lady come to the front at church yesterday.  She really felt God was saying:  “Do you trust Me to minister?  Do you trust Me to heal those pains – pains that go so deep, they can’t even be expressed?”


So let me ask you the same question.  Do you trust Him?

Your Thoughts?

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