Cross – not Conscience

Have you heard the news today – news that 3 cases have been lost in the European court?  Or did you just hear about the lady who won her case?


Let me explain it, as I understand it.  A British Airways stewardess is told that yes, she can wear a cross to work, and by disallowing this, her employer was discriminating against her.  Meanwhile, a nurse hears she can’t wear a cross to work, due to health and safety issues.  A registrar is told she doesn’t have the right to refuse to conduct same-sex civil partnership ceremonies, and a sex therapist finds he has to offer therapy to same-sex couples.


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel cynical about the lady winning her case?  They gave her a victory, so while she and her lawyers are jumping up-and-down celebrating that Christians can wear crosses (which are worn by non-Christians as well, by the way), it’s taking attention away from more important matters.


For me personally, if someone said I couldn’t wear a cross, it wouldn’t faze me.  I would care that my freedom of choice had been taken away, but from a Christian point-of-view, it wouldn’t tear me up inside or stop me believing what I believe.  But if I was a registrar and I had to declare 2 women a couple and give them a certificate of civil partnership, now that would tear me up inside!  Apparently we’re allowed a cross, but not a conscience.

3 thoughts on “Cross – not Conscience

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