Song for Your Saturday

Very recently I discovered Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, “Long Way Home” – a great song to start the day with.  Firstly, I love that it starts with him saying:  And a-1, 2, a-1 2 3!  But more seriously, here are some of the lyrics:

“I set out on a great adventure the day my Father started leading me home;
He said ‘There’s gonna be some mountains to climb and some valleys we’re gonna go through’:
But I had no way of knowin’ just how hard this journey could be,
‘Cos the valleys are deeper and the mountains are steeper than I ever would’ve dreamed,
But I know we’re gonna make it!”  What an assurance – to know you’ll get to heaven and the finish-line!  Can you say that with confidence too?

And the next verse:

“I got some rocks in my shoes, fears I wish I could lose, that make the mountains so hard to climb
And my heart gets so heavy with the weight of the world sometimes.”  How true is that!  But you know, you can get rid of those rocks.  Hebrews 12:1 says:  “Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

Happy Saturday!  Happy snowy Saturday if you’re in the UK, and as Steven says:
“Even on the best days, it’s best to remember we’re not home yet.”

Your Thoughts?

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