On Conversations

Have you ever thought that all of you reading this who can see have a great advantage over me when it comes to conversations?  You really do, ‘cos you’ve always got a get-out clause.  You can say:  “I just need to go and speak to …” or when you come to a stopping-point, walk across the room and look busy with something.

If I go somewhere on my own, I’ll take my cane with me, but I don’t always take it if I’m getting a lift with someone.  So when I’m in a crowded room and somebody starts asking questions I don’t want to answer, I just have to stand there and hope they get the message!  I’ve thought this more than once, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a tiny device I could link to someone I knew, to give them the signal to come and interrupt?!!

Is there anything you’d like to invent to make life that bit easier?

Thanks to one of my readers for their idea on this.  Why not say I need to make a phone call and get out my phone?  I could ring my home number and leave a message on my answerphone.  Good plan!


Your Thoughts?

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