Because Maybe We’re all Like Superheroes

I guess we’ve all heard of Clark Kent taking himself off to a phonebox and changing into Superman, but what if superheroes aren’t just on TV?  Have you thought that every week, every day, people are taking themselves into a room and closing the door, asking God to help them deal with this; change the way they think about that, all for His glory, then God steps in and things happen.


After their honest encounters with God, Moses went and rescued his people from slavery; David went into battle, confident God would give him victory; Hannah went from despair, to hope that she would have a child.  Prayer works.


What about you; do you see yourself as a superhero?  By the way, don’t forget the giveaway in yesterday’s post.  All you need to do to win is leave a comment, and maybe reading the book will inspire you to be a superhero and change someone’s life forever.


Your Thoughts?

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