When you Want to Listen

Well, I was going to get up at 6 for the qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix, but woke up half an hour late.  That was ok, as there had been heavy rain and the start was delayed, so didn’t really miss anything.  They split it into 3 parts and the first part was exciting, then more rain; more delay.  Then they say:  “We’ll switch to 5 Live Sports Extra.”  I’ve managed this in the past, but this morning, could I find the ‘Listen live’ link on the website?

I went back to 5 Live, hoping I’d at least find out there who was on pole, and 5 Live wasn’t working either.  So, deleted my browsing history and got it going again, but still no success with Sports Extra.  I finally typed “Listen” “5 Live Sports Extra” into my search engine and found another site that got me directly to it.  Part 2 of the qualifying hadn’t yet started; phew!  Again, didn’t miss anything.  Then they say:  “Q2 and Q3 will take place at 11 o’clock Sunday morning” (that’s midnight in the UK, and the race is 6 hours later)!

I don’t mind F1 changing the time of the qualifying; drivers’ safety is very important, but I do wish the BBC would make their sites easier to use for people with screen-readers, and wouldn’t cram them full of so much information.  If you’re blind and have speech software on your computer, do you find the BBC website difficult, or is it just me?  On the flip side, I have been enjoying some of the comments about the session on Twitter.


Your Thoughts?

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