Part of the Plan

Holley asked us to write this week about what brings us joy, particularly relating to our God-sized dream.  Of course, if they’re related to a God-sized dream, they’ll be Godly things – not things that contradict His Word.  I had one of the most joyful days on Monday, as I sat in a café for 2 hours, having lunch and talking with one of my most treasured friends.  Some of you reading this may think:  That brings happiness, not joy, but I’d argue the opposite.  You see, spending quality time with this friend twice in a month is something I could only have dreamed of a few years ago.  It’s precious, and I’m super-grateful to God for it.

Holley says if we look at the things that bring us most joy, that’s a clue to God’s call on our life.  God uses what we already have.  You see that with Moses in Exodus 2:11-17:  He had a passion to bring about justice, and he didn’t always get it right.  Look at when he killed that Egyptian, but nevertheless it was there.  As my pastor said, it was there as much when he couldn’t stand by and let those shepherds stop his future wife from watering her flocks, as when he went to Pharaoh and pleaded with him to let the Israelites go.  You see it with Peter too:  He basically had a big mouth!  One minute he’d be all-out for God, the next he’d be trying to side-track Jesus, but the Lord eventually used Peter’s words to save 3,000 people in a day.  And I see it in my own life:  I love singing, I love writing; I feel God’s called me to do both.

So if spending time with family and friends is what brings me joy, maybe people will always be part of God’s call on my life.  Maybe I’ll never be like one of those missionaries who travel to foreign nations on their own to spread the gospel, and maybe that’s ok, because it’s not how God made me.

What things bring you joy?  Do you see them as part of God’s plan for your life?


4 thoughts on “Part of the Plan

  1. Like you, I love spending time especially with my family, and also helping and encouraging others. I think it is something that is highly underrated by too many in society today!

    This morning I was reading “The Prayer of Jabez, Breaking Through to the Blessed Life” by Bruce Wilkinson. What you have written reminds me of something the author wrote about moms: Suppose Jabez had been a wife and mother. Then the prayer might have gone, “Lord, add to my family, favor my key relationships, multiply for Your glory the influence of my household.”

    Blessings to you and your family!

    • Thank you, Kim; it was lovely of you to comment on this post, and I’m glad my writing reminded you of what you had read.

      Yes, keep encouraging others, ‘cos you’re right – it’s so important. I know when I’ve struggled, encouragements from people in the past have helped such a lot.

  2. I absolutely loved your devotional today. It spoke volumes to my heart. Thank you for sharing what God gave you, as it was a real blessing. I got so much insight from thinking about your thoughts about Moses. I never thought of it that way. I saw your link on Holley’s site. So glad and thankful I took the time to click on it! Have a wonderful day in Him!

    • Oh, Cheryl, I appreciate your comment so much, and thank you for taking the time to click on that link. I wondered whether to share this post with you all, as I didn’t know if my readers would find it interesting, so I’m really glad God used it to bless you. That’s amazing, and you have a wonderful day too.

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