Compassion Goals 2

Welcome to the second in my “Compassion Goals” series.  You can read part 1 here, and if you click the link in that post, you’ll notice Alexis has been sponsored!  Thanks to whoever sponsored him, and thank you especially if it was one of you reading this blog.

Actually, it was reading that put this next goal into my mind.  I read a book called “Kisses from Katie”.  Have you heard of it?  Katie Davis flew out to Uganda for the first time as a teenager, really grew to love those she came into contact with, and it wasn’t long before she went back to live there permanently.  She pours her life into serving that country and is certainly someone who commands respect.  Well, you would, wouldn’t you – if you were under 25 and had 13 girls calling you ‘Mommy’?  She’s a powerful speaker, and through this book, she really brought home to me the need in Uganda.

Katie runs an organisation herself, Amazima Ministries (Amazima means ‘Truth’ in Luganda – the most spoken language where Katie lives).  They have a child-sponsorship programme, and every so often their sponsors receive letters from a child in the programme, but they don’t link every sponsor to a particular child the way Compassion do.  I can see the sense in this.  Perhaps you want to clothe a child and give them an education, but don’t have the time or the inclination to write letters.  And if your financial circumstances changed, you could stop sponsoring without feeling you had let a specific child down.  For me though, letter-writing and the possibility of getting to know my child were what drew me to sponsorship, so having seen the need, I’d like to sponsor a Compassion-child in Uganda one day.

What about you; do you favour Compassion’s more personal approach, or would you rather do it Amazima’s way?  I hope at least one person reading this feels a stirring in their heart to sponsor in Uganda.  I searched Compassion’s site and had lots of Ugandan children to choose from, but if I’m picking one, it would be Erinora.  I just love the name – sort of like Erin and Nora combined.  It’s a funny name, but really, really sweet.  Would you consider sponsoring Erinora?  At the moment she’s a 5-year-old who doesn’t go to school.  Imagine what impact your sponsorship could have on a life like hers.


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