Finished Work and an Empty Tomb

12:06 am and I’m having a feast – of Easter egg.  I start my Easter egg-eating a couple of days early, as I don’t like hot cross buns.  Some traditions can be fun!  Don’t invent them for yourself if they’re not.  “Do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” – Galatians 5:1.

Anyway, back to Easter eggs.  I unwrap my egg, take out that first big piece of chocolate (doesn’t it smell so good?) and suddenly where the chocolate was, there’s emptiness.  I heard someone talk earlier this week about how when you crack open an Easter egg there’s nothing inside, and it reminded me of the empty tomb – the tomb where once Jesus’ body had been.  An angel rolled away the stone that first Easter Day – for us, not for Him.  In His new, resurrected body, Jesus could come to His followers through locked doors.  He could have broken out of that tomb with the stone still at the entrance, but Peter, John and the women couldn’t have gone in.  They saw the sheet His body was wrapped in as just an empty shell, and the burial cloth from His head folded in such a way as to say:  “It is finished.”

Remember the cross this weekend.  Remember the work that Jesus has finished.  God loved and wanted to be with us so much that He sent Jesus to do everything needed to make us acceptable to Him.  And when you crack an Easter egg to see the hollow inside that first piece of chocolate reveals, remember the empty tomb – Jesus, alive again … and have a happy Easter.


Your Thoughts?

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