A-Z: Adam’s Choices

It’s bank-holiday Monday here in the UK, and my morning hasn’t gone quite as planned.  Because one of my Facebook-friends, a lovely lady called Becky Daye, introduced me to the idea of blogging from A to Z throughout April (you do get a break on Sundays!).  You know I love sometimes to join in with other bloggers’ challenges, so I read the explanation post and have spent the rest of the morning thinking of topics to write about.  What fun!  If you’d like to join in too, why not start your own series?  You need to start today with A so you can finish with Z on 30 April, and please put a link to your blog in the comments so I can have a read.

I’m making A for Adam, and this is taken from a collection of stories I wrote for the kids at my friend’s church.

Adam’s Choices

Adam had lots of choices.  He was the first man God ever made.  God got down on His hands-and-knees, and patted him into shape.  Then God breathed into his nostrils, and Adam came to life!  First, Adam had to be very good at choosing names.  He had to name all the birds, and all the animals!  Can you imagine it?

This one – with the long long trunk,

Let’s call this an elephant.

This one – ah, this needs no fuss –

This is a hippopotamus!

And this one, snuggling on my lap,

This must surely be a cat.

Quack-quack-quack, and cluck-cluck-cluck –

Here are the chickens, here are the ducks!

But God was looking for someone to help Adam.  And when every living creature had been named, there weren’t any of them just right for the job, so God put Adam into a deep sleep.  He took out one of Adam’s ribs, and made it into another person!  Then He closed up the gap, and waited for Adam to wake up.

When Adam woke up, he said:  “This is part of me.  I’ll call her a woman, because she came out of a man”, and Adam called her Eve.  God put Adam and Eve in the garden He planted for them, just giving Adam one warning.  He told him not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because, the day he ate from it, he would die.

Adam and Eve enjoyed themselves in the garden, where the animals talked.  One day, the snake – the craftiest of all the animals – said to Eve:  “Did God really tell you not to eat from every tree in the garden?”

Eve corrected him.  “We can eat from every tree, except one.  And we mustn’t eat from that one, or touch the fruit, in case we die.”

The snake sneered.  “You won’t die!  But God knows you’ll be like Him if you eat that fruit.  You’ll know what’s good and what’s bad.”

Eve looked at the fruit.  She liked the look of it, so she ate some.  Then she offered some to Adam, and he had another choice to make.  Adam heard God say:  “You shall not eat”, but now Eve was offering him some of the fruit … and Adam made the wrong choice.  When they had eaten, they knew what was good and what was bad.  They knew that neither of them had any clothes on!  And suddenly they wanted to cover themselves up.

When God came into the garden, they hid in the trees, but God called to Adam:  “Where are you?”  He wanted to talk about what had happened.  God told the snake:  “Because you have done this, you will walk on your belly and eat dust all your life.”  Adam would have to put more effort into working the soil, and Eve would suffer more pain when her babies were born, but God had good news too.  One day a Man would come, and He would help people cope when others were cruel, like the snake had been to Eve.  Even though Adam made the wrong choice, the world didn’t have to be miserable forever.


4 thoughts on “A-Z: Adam’s Choices

    • Thanks very much for the follow; I’m following your posts now too. I like your alliteration theme, and yes, God adores people. There’s a song isn’t there: “God loves people more than anything.”

      Have a great day.

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