A-Z: Bicycles

It’s day 2 of the A-Z challenge, and today I want to tell you about 2 people whose names are Alan and Jill Coyle.  They may not be world-famous; they may not have got themselves into the history books, but they’ve made history in my life.  Alan was my pastor from 2001 to 2009.  Several of the songs I’ve written came straight from his sermons, and I can’t thank Jill enough for her prayers and understanding.  It wasn’t long after Alan retired that I left that church, but the people I spent so many years of my Christian life with are very special to me, and I still think of them as family.


So where do bicycles come in?  Well, Alan’s always been into cycling; now Jill’s caught some of his enthusiasm and this summer, God-willing, they’ll cycle the length of the UK – from the most north-easterly point (John o’ Groats), to the most south-westerly point (Lands End).  That’s over 1,000 miles!  Jill’s in her mid-60s and Alan celebrates his 70th birthday next year, so it’s quite a feat.  I’ve a feeling they’ll manage it!


You’ve got to be special to attempt that kind of challenge in the first place, but to do it for a good cause as well?  Alan and Jill’s friends run several projects in the Philippines.  These friends, Craig and Cristine, were the ones who first inspired me to sponsor a child in that country.  They told us that in Tagalog (the Philippines’ national language), the literal meaning of ‘How are you’ was have you eaten enough.  Can you imagine poverty being so deeply ingrained into you that the standard question is not “How are you today” but:  “Have you eaten today?”  Any ministry helping people in an environment like that has to be worth supporting, don’t you think?


Why not go to Alan and Jill’s website to see how you can support them?

Your Thoughts?

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