A-Z: Corresponding

Day 3 of the A-Z challenge, and today I want to point you to someone else’s blog.  Michelle has a feature on hers called Correspondent Connections, where she shares some of the topics covered in letters to her sponsored children.  Perhaps her ideas will help you communicate with children.  I think I’ll use the one she wrote about yesterday in one of my letters.


I do admire Michelle so much for the amount of letters she sends.  We’re actually not allowed to write as many in the UK.  Their office has less staff, and I’ve been told once a month is a lot; 5 or 6 times a year would be better, but I can respond to my kids’ letters, and those responses don’t count in the 5 or 6 a year …  I think the message is basically write as often as you can.  I’ve never known any sponsor have letters rejected because they’re too frequent.


Your Thoughts?

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