A-Z: Easter Garden

Day 5 of the A-Z challenge, and a poem written a few years ago, when the weather was a bit different from the bitter-cold Easter we had last weekend.

Easter Garden

The cockerel crowing in the middle of the day;

Unusual – yet it reminded me

There was one who denied, and the Saviour kept on loving –

Restored this man, so he could follow Him.

I went on listening, and the birds in the sky

Took my thoughts back to an early morning:

The one who betrayed was filled with remorse, and hung himself;

Perhaps he felt it a burden – having to put things right.

The horse neighing, from further away –

A strong animal, which brought to mind

The powerful soldiers, and all their mockery:

Were any of their hearts touched by the One who hung on that cross?

The tiny lavender-plants, only recently purchased;

Frail – yet their frailty reminded me

God chose the foolish things of the world; His followers are despised and belittled,

But we have One who loves and accepts us.

Relaxing in the garden, I rested my head on my arms;

I felt the wood of that garden table, and I was reminded

Of my Saviour’s body, crucified on a tree

So that I could have life in all its fullness.

And as the sun shone brightly in the sky,

I remembered Jesus – the Son of God –

The Son of Righteousness; He has risen not merely from the tomb,

But also in the hearts of all who will believe in Him.

Your Thoughts?

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